Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book)

hbp-uk-adult-jacket-artHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is considered to the penultimate novel of the series.  It also signifies the sixth year of Harry at Hogwarts.  The novel discovers the past of Lord Voldemort and the preparations of Harry and his mentor Dumbledore for the concluding battle. It was in July 2005, when the book was released in United States, United Kingdom and other countries. In the first day of its release, nine million copies were sold.

Synopsis of the story

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Severus Snape meets Draco’s mother, Narcissa Malfoy.  Severus broke his promise to assist and protect Draco against Voldemort. Harry was suspicious of Draco because he thinks that the latter is a member of the Death Eaters. On the other hand, Dumbledore announced that Severus Snape will be teaching about Defence Against the Dark Arts.  Harry excelled in Potions as what he had learned from the Potions textbook that include spells and tips.

Dumbledore had helped Harry to learn the past of Voldemort through the Pensieve power. With such power, Harry had learned everything about the family of Voldemort and how he became psychopath obsessed and had the power to gain eternal life. Thus, Harry succeeded in retrieving Slughorn’s memories.

The love life of Harry was also discussed in this novel. At the start, it was Hermione and Ron who grew closer together. However, Ron shuns away after learning that Hermione had kissed Viktor Krum. Although Harry attempted to repair the mishap between the two, yet he fails. Harry falls in love with Ron’s sister Ginny, but is reluctant to pursue considering the friendship with Ron.

It was in this novel wherein the death of Dumbledore was discussed. It was Snape who killed Dumbledore and revealed to be the Half-Blood Prince. Harry was devastated by the death of Dumbledore and after the funeral he told his friends that he would leave Hogwarts. Instead, he will continue his quest to search and kill Valdemort. His friends swear to join him.

The reason why the release of Half-Blood Prince novel was delayed for three years is because Rowling had planned for it to avoid mistakes. The publication of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes with controversy. Many readers have been betting who would die at the end of the story. Likewise, the publisher in Canada was also sued by the Supreme Court of British Columbia prohibiting buyers from reading and discussing the contents of the book before its official release date.

Themes and Styles

Different reviews were received by this book from some notable reviewers. According to Yvonne Zipp, the first half of the story is given in lighter tone. Love and death were the main themes of this novel. Rosenberg wrote that Rowling represented love in different forms such as love of a teacher to student, parent to child as well as the romances that grow between the characters. The theme further explains the importance of self-sacrifice, friendship and trust.

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is not the end of the sequel although one of the important characters was killed.

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