50 UNDER $50

Do you love all things Harry Potter? Do you love shopping on Amazon? Yeah. So do we.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to look through the listings AND the REVIEWS to give YOU a head’s up on what’s HOT in the wizarding world.

As a result we’ve created (and keep updating) a Harry Potter Gift Guide for our fellow HP and JKR fans for the holiday season OR anytime of year.

In this guide you’ll find 50 items (in NO particular order) ALL UNDER $50.

Many of the gifts are appropriate for either adult or child fans of Harry Potter.

All of the gifts are found on AMAZON and they’re in NO PARTICULAR order.

So let’s get started!…


We’re recommending this Marauder’s Map mug for several reasons. It’s oversized and has a textured surface which looks like The Map itself.

Also, it’s sold through Universal Studios so you know you’re getting a high quality licensed product.  $34.99


This set of 4 pint glasses hold 16-ounces of liquid. Each glass represents the 4 houses of the Hogwarts School. They’re great for everyday use. Although they are not best for the microwave or dishwasher. They will stay pristine with hand washing. $29.99


No Harry Potter Gift Guide would be complete without a box set of books. These are the paperback version and come in their own shelf like box. This is almost a no-brainer… $45.95


Who doesn’t love a game of Trivial Pursuit? Your Harry Potter fan is going to love to challenge their knowledge of J.K. Rowling’s work with an edition of TRIVIAL PURSUIT: World of Harry Potter. $19.95


This is a very popular coloring book. Both kids and adults are getting into the coloring book craze. Your Harry Potter fan is sure to love this. There are many versions to choose from. $9.95


Some clever chef has created an “unofficial” cookbook for the magical goodies in the Harry Potter series. Check it out for yourself. $11.95


This one just makes the cut at $49. Remember the gigantic Life or Death chess game the young Potter crew had to contend with? Now you can play your own death match with this high quality set. It also happens to be OKed by Warner Brothers.


Use this beautiful, detailed tapestry as a bedspread or hang it on the wall. It’s a gigantic Marauder’s Map your fan can enjoy everyday! $28.95


This is a real treasure. This book is filled with never before seen backstage photos of the Harry Potter characters. The book shares details and secrets of the making of the Harry Potter movies. A true fan’s gift. $29.95


Here’s something for your solitaire loving Potter fan. Authentic wizarding world playing cards. This deck is a real work of art. Each card has been beautifully designed. $19.95


Have you ever wanted to insult someone like a Slytherin? Well, here’s your chance. This book gives you the run down on the best verbal insults in the wizarding world. It’s lots and lots of F.U.N. $9.95


These are intricately detailed and painted sculptures. The display case measures approximately 7 inches x 4.25 inches. Officially authorized by Warner Brothers. Part of the Harry Potter Magical Creatures series – Collect them all! $29.99


These Harry Potter glasses are in reality, larger and thicker framed than in this picture. We think that’s a good deal. This product has more than 200 reviews so check out the pictures to see what you’re getting. \o-o/


OK! Here’s a fidget spinner that even Ron Weasley could appreciate. There are a number of these types of spinners on the market. However, this one has the best reviews by far. Spinners are proven to help with focus, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, calm ADHD, soothe hyperactive kids, or cure boredom. Very durable and long lasting spinner toy. It’s small and light. Easily put it in your pocket and take it with you anywhere. Its size is 3 x 0.7 x 0.9 inches and weighs 1.8 ounces.


Did you know the Hippogryph has been featured in popular literature for many centuries? This figurine is a small monument to the magical horse/griffin creature Harry got to ride in the sky. Manufactured by Safari.


Here’s a great Harry Potter bath robe for your adult fan. The construction is good and it’s very soft to the touch. It’s almost stylish enough to wear outside the house. Check it out for yourself.

It’s made from 100% Polyester for comfort and fit. One Size will fit most. It has pockets, a hood and an embroidered Slytherin Crest. There are also the other Hogwarts Houses available. It’s 100% officially licensed merchandise. $38.99


Harry Potter Lego sets are HUGE with young fans. So, we scoured Amazon trying to find a gift under $50. We (almost) found it! Coming in at a few dollars above our list limit is this little gem. Your young fan will be very excited to receive this!


This is a double whammy of a gift. It holds a postcard book featuring Dobby the House Elf and a Dobby figurine. There are about 6 different types of gift sets. Check them all out $13.95


This Harry Potter snitch necklace is the kind of jewelry that teen or adult would be proud to wear. Check it out. $24.95


Remember how fun it was putting together puzzles as a kid? This puzzle set is pretty advanced but can be lots of fun for kids and adults to do together!


We wanted to get at least one wand on this list, but wands come at a premium. This is a sturdy and beautiful replica of Harry’s wand that comes in a beautiful storage box. $37.50


Fawkes was such a fabulous messenger and protector of Dumbledore! Here he is… made to be posable and plush. He can sit anywhere you’d like in your home or office to watch over you.


OK… this is the one that started it ALL! You’ve GOT to take a look at this. This seller has several brand new collectors editions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. All editions are under $40!! There are also a number of used copies and the most remarkable part… more than 11,000 POSITIVE reviews. Very rare indeed. 😮


Here’s an amazing gift for your HP fan. This is a PERSONALIZED letter of acceptance into Hogwarts. It’s a very detailed replica sure to please any fan.


Good specialty food products can be tricky to hunt down… so we’ve found a gift that will help you recreate one of the wizarding world’s most beloved treats. So, make you’re own treats for your HP fans!


If you’ve ever wanted a resource and reference book to better your understanding of how the wizarding world developed… this is it.


We think we’ve found a bag that can stand the test of everyday use. Check this one out and tell us you don’t feel like the wizard you are! Very nice Hogwarts logo on the side.


Prepare to be in your HP fan’s good books for LIFE with this really good book. From page to screen… this is a magical journey through the Harry Potter movies.


Here is a sturdy tote bag with the Marauder’s Map enchantment saying on it. There are many other Harry Potter inspired sayings to choose from as well.


This is a personal flask with engravings of the ingredients for polyjuice potion etched on the side. Lots of other flask styles to choose from too.


This is one those Harry Potter gifts that can be proudly displayed anywhere in your home. This handmade candle has Harry Potter inspired fragrances and labels. Lots to choose from. $18.00


We’ve never seen a pillow quite like this. This is a cute comfortable square with an abstract Harry Potter likeness. You’re fan will feel right at home.


The end of the year is near so give your HP fan a way to mark time with this calendar. With 12+ amazing photos from the movies, your fan will love the beginning of each new month.


Here’s a gift any HP fan with a laptop will love. This neoprene laptop sleeve comes in a variety of different Harry Potter inspired styles.


Here’s the proverbial and cliched stocking stuffer you’ve been waiting for… socks! Harry Potter fans young and old will appreciate this pair of knee high socks with the 4 House shields on them…. and guess what… they’re cotton!


This poster is simple but powerful…. the wands and their owners. Take a look.


We’ve found another handmade item. Remember how Harry and company get to the Ministry of Magic? Down the toilet! Point your guests in the right direction with this. Contact the artisan first. Available by Christmas.


Here’s a great looking T-shirt for the female Harry Potter fan. Just remember to order a larger size than normal. These sizes run long in length and small in width. They are 100% cotton and a licensed trademarked product.


We couldn’t forget about the guys so here’s an homage to Harry for men. Remember these are men’s sizes so they will be big on kids. Although it’s made of cotton which is always nice, but there are lots to choose from. This one is a great place to start.


Here is a very special item for your HP fan to treasure. This is a print which features 10 signatures of your favorite Harry Potter cast members. It even includes a signature from J.K. Rowling herself! We’d say this is a real keeper.


If you’re into nutcrackers this Dumbledore inspired creation by Kurt Adler could be just the one to set off your collection or your mantle piece.


This is a set of 4 coasters with the shield of the Hogwarts Railway on each one. A true fan will enjoy putting their glass down on one of these.


Do you want a piece of film history? Then this is the gift for your HP fan. It comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure it’s real.


Here is a nice subtle reminder that you are a true Harry Potter fan. This necklace comes in three different finishes. You’ll love the sweet HP glasses and lighting bolt over one eye hanging from this 17 inch chain.


This is another unique and hand crafted item. Contact the artisan first to discuss the Harry Potter inspired engraving you’d like on this sweet little spoon.


This is a great looking solid Christmas ornament of Ollivander’s Wand Shop. You can hang it virtually anywhere once you take the tree down. $39.95


Here’s an amazing, HANDMADE wall clock made from used vinyl records! This vinyl clock adds a modern and stylish touch to any room while keeping its vintage flair. Constructed for function and durability. Measures 12” inches in diameter. The clock mechanism is silent. Protective packaging is used for shipping. There are customization options available.


We love Dumbledore for his deep wisdom and bravery. Attach a piece of that to your wall with these decals. They’re available in at least a dozen colors.


You might have to hurry to get this one before Christmas but this would be an excellent HP fan stocking stuffer. A Hogwarts School symbol keychain!


Here’s a pair for a couple of real Quiddich lovers. You’ll enjoy your morning coffee in these even more.

We hope you enjoyed the Harry Potter Gift Guide. We spent a fair amount of time putting this together in the hope you would find something for your small or large Harry Potter Fan.

If you have any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear them.

Send us an email at: reallyreadynichesites@gmail.com